Salespeople wanted to join our team!

Full and part-time on a commission basis

Join our team!

Belfast 89FM is a community radio station remitted by OFCOM to provide a service to the over-50s  across Belfast and beyond.

We are staffed purely by volunteers but require an income-stream to fund the day-to-day running of the station and that revenue is primarily through selling advertising and sponsorship airtime.

We are currently looking for full and part-time salespeople to sell advertising and sponsorship opportunities on the station on a commission-only basis.

It might be through selling to large corporates and agencies but is equally likely to be to shops and businesses local and known to you – these are the people who can best benefit from and take advantage of the competitive rates and defined audience demographic that Belfast 89 delivers (significantly lower costs than other broadcasters and in line with local press).

If you think you could make these sales, would like to support the work of the station and earn a good commission rate at the same time (even on a part-time or occasional basis) get in touch with us via for an informal chat (we are a friendly bunch) and to find out more.

We welcome hearing from those who have retired or are looking for in-fill opportunities and, hopefully, if you join our team we might be able to interest you in other activities within the station!

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