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Tové Kane is an award-winning communications expert with over twenty five years in the broadcast industry, featuring on Radio and TV. 

Tové is also a highly revered MC and professional Keynote speaker. She has excellent time management skills and a dynamic, polished style. Her acting background enhances her ability to improvise. She remains succinct yet entertaining and professional. 

People warm to Tové; she’s sincere, intelligent and compassionate yet practical and highly professional with an engaging personality and a fantastic sense of humour. 

Tové conducts workshops to coach presenting skills for business and multi-media content providers.  

A personal development enthusiast, Tové also coaches private and group meditations devoted to helping others to experience health, happiness, peace, love, connection and abundance in their lives.

In addition, Tové is a Youtube Creator and she presents Tové’s Travels Podcasts, she is also a voice artist, singer, writer, film-maker and photographer. 


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