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Thursday, 17th October, 2019


23:00-06:00 The Overnight JukeBox

06:00-08:00 The No Waffle Breakfast

08:00-10:00 with Stephen Andrews

10:00-12:00 with Lisa Flavelle and Billy Howe,

including the Connection Conundrum, Just for Fun Quiz and Local Papers.

12:00-1400 The Lunchtime Jukebox

14:00-16:00 with Chris Hughes

There’s the usual craic, a look back on this day in history and don’t forget the Thursday t-shirt competition.

Also included in Chris’s guest list will be singer, television personality, actress and radio presenter Rose-Marie.

16:00-19:00 with Robin Elliott

19:00-22:00 with  Jimmy Leavy

22:00-00:00 with Dan McAllister

00:00-06:00 The Overnight JukeBox

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