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Friday, 19th July, 2019

22:00-06:00 The Overnight JukeBox

06:00-08:00 The No Waffle Breakfast

08:00-10:00 with George Lavery

10:00-12:00 with Andrew McBride and Paul Dean

12:00-1400 The Lunchtime Jukebox

14:00-16:00 with Norman Coleman

16:00-19:00 with Gerry Faloona

19:00-22:00 with Michael Hanna

There’s Initially We’re All The Same,  In The Local Corner and The wife’s Beatles track, our music from the movies and the best eclectic mix of music you could shake a big stick at.

22:00-00:00 Ryan’s Late Licence with Ryan McCabe

 All the classics with a late night vibe.

Kick back with your favourite tipple and let him ease you into the weekend with a special blend of tunes and trivia. With classic music soundtracks, your weekend starts here at 89 Towers

00:00-06:00 The Overnight JukeBox

Belfast 89FM Live

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