Volunteer Survey 2021 – DRAFT

In previous times, we held a number of Volunteer feedback sessions which provided everyone with an opportunity to express their views on all matters relating to Belfast 89FM. These sessions were very valuable in helping the station making the progress made over the past few years possible. While much constructive criticism was offered, there was also room for negative comment and all was noted by the Board and taken into account in future planning and decision making.

The progress made over the last few years is entirely due to the enthusiasm and commitment of all of our Volunteers and the Board values all views.  Given the current circumstances, a round table Volunteer feedback session is not possible.

Nonetheless, the Board takes the view that Volunteer feedback is important and has a role to play in future planning. This Volunteer Feedback Survey offers us all an opportunity to make all our views known anonymously and in our own time.

Please feel free to make your views known.

Q1. Over the past year or so, how do you think things have gone so far in each of these areas? Make your comment here *

a) Technical

b) Operational *

Make your comment here

c) Commercially *

Make your comment here

d) Programming *

Make your comment here

a) Any other areas *

Make your comment here

Q2. Tell us about your personal commitment to Belfast 89FM. When did you first get involved?

b) What is your particular area of interest? *

Multiple choice - you may choose more than one area.

c) Has your level of commitment changed over time?

You may comment here

Q3. How do you think we coped as an organisation under COVID conditions? *

Please make one choice

Any additional comments - please tell us here.

Q4. In your opinion, what did we collectively do well over the past year? *

Please make your comments here

Q.5 In your opinion, what did we collectively do not so well over the past year?

Make your comment here

Q.6 If we could replay the past year? What, in your view should have been done differently?

Make your comment here

Q.7 Turning to how we communicate internally, do you feel that; *

a) Is the weekly Volunteer Update very helpful in keeping us all up to date - single choice

b) Is the weekly update too frequent?

Single choice only

c) How might the update be improved?

Q.8 The Belfast 89FM website has attracted almost 135,000 visitors since we started counting in Feb 2019 – a not insignificant statistic. How do you rate our website as a promotional platform?

Single choice only

b) In terms of site navigation, how do you rate the website? *

Single selection only

c) How do you rate site content?

Single selection only

d) Any suggestions as to how the site might be improved?

Tell us here

Q.10 Looking to the future, how can we make Belfast 89FM better in each of these areas? You can comment here

a). Technical

b) The future operationally

Make your comments here

c) The future - Commercially

Make your comments here

d) The future - Programming

Make your comments here

e) The future - any further comments?

Make your comments here

Q.11 Can we look forward to your continued commitment at Belfast 89FM?

Single Choice only

Q.12 What other skills can you bring to the table?

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